Efficiency, innovation, responsibility

Our sustainability strategy combines our business strategy with environmental awareness and climate change mitigation, community-based approaches and corporate governance.

Our sustainability strategy

A sustainability-oriented mindset can only be embedded within a company in a meaningful way if when it becomes a long-term pillar of the corporate strategy and is directly relatable to the company’s core business. There is no inherent contradiction between sustainability and business success; in fact, one depends on the other. We prefer to think in decades instead of quarters.

Two important components for our Sustainability Strategy 2030 – efficiency and innovation – have always been part of our business model.

“Ströer is aware of its corporate responsibility and has made sustainability in thought and deed part of its corporate culture.”

Environment & Climate Protection

We are constantly reducing our energy and resource requirements by sustainably and continuously optimising operational processes and using modern technology. We now procure around 80 percent green electricity for operating our advertising media and have thus laid the basis for climate-neutral out-of-home and digital campaigns. We will offset the remaining CO2 emissions generated by the advertising measures by supporting certified climate protection projects. All advertising customers can thus run their campaigns with us in a climate-neutral way – and without additional costs.

Social & Community

We use our media reach to raise awareness for the need for greater sustainability and community-focused actions. We provide advertising spaces to non-profit organisations at cost price or at significantly reduced prices (“pro bono”), for example for children’s charities, non-profit environmental organisations for fundraising purposes or for socially desirable causes such as the search for missing children.

Corporate Governance

We actively shape and promote a more sustainable corporate culture. Our binding code of conduct is part of our compliance system and provides clear and specific corporate-wide guidelines for behaviour and interaction. We monitor transparently compliance with the specified guidelines.

In the business and human rights sector, we are continuing to develop our instruments in line with the requirements of the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act.

More about sustainability

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