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Our sustainability strategy combines our business strategy with environmental awareness and climate change mitigation, community-based approaches and corporate governance.

Our sustainability strategy

A sustainability-oriented mindset can only be embedded within a company in a meaningful way if when it becomes a long-term pillar of the corporate strategy and is directly relatable to the company’s core business. There is no inherent contradiction between sustainability and business success; in fact, one depends on the other. We prefer to think in decades instead of quarters.

Two important components for our Sustainability Strategy 2030 – efficiency and innovation – have always been part of our business model.

“Ströer is aware of its corporate responsibility and has made sustainability in thought and deed part of its corporate culture.”

AWARDED: Ströer is a finalist for the German Sustainability Award

The German Sustainability Award (DNP) is the biggest award in Germany for companies that act sustainably. In August 2023, a jury of experts nominated Ströer in the "Advertising & PR" sector. From the nominees in this category, the jury has now determined the top 3: Ströer is in the final of the DNP.

The prize is awarded by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) together with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the DIHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) to particularly exemplary companies in their sectors.

Sustainability news

Sustainability | Documents

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2022 | Sustainability

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2021 | Sustainability

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2020 | Sustainability

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2019 | Sustainability

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Ströer wants to help achieve the UN’s 1.5 degree target and is modifying its business activities accordingly. We intend to achieve net zero by 2050 and will have already significantly cut our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. To achieve this, we are implementing a number of measures. These relate to reducing energy requirements and the associated GHG emissions, switching to renewable energy sources, and purchasing climate-friendly goods and services. The focus is on the public infrastructure, vehicle fleet & business travel, sustainable office and employee commuting. By 2025, the entire business should be climate-neutral. From that point, we will fully offset any remaining unavoidable GHG emissions using certified climate change mitigation projects.


Ströer has many faces. We combine perspectives from different segments, subsidiaries and the people who work for us. We are a digital, agile and flexible employer and are committed to diversity and gender equality. Diversity and a doer mentality are part of our DNA and make Ströer strong overall.

Business Partner & Welfare ​

The growing demand for sustainable solutions is an incentive for us to continuously develop our portfolio. We offer services for our customers that make an additional ecological and social contribution. All advertising customers can run their campaigns with us on a climate-neutral basis - at no extra cost. We now procure mainly green electricity to operate the public infrastructure and have thus laid the foundations for climate-neutral out-of-home and digital communication. 100 percent of Ströer’s digital advertising media in Germany is alone powered by green electricity. We offset the remaining CO2 emissions generated by the advertising measures by supporting certified climate protection projects with Climate Partner.

We use our media reach and promote awareness for sustainable and social action. We make media space available to non-profit organizations at cost price or at a greatly reduced price ("pro bono"), for example children's charities or non-profit environmental protection organizations for the acquisition of donations or for socially desirable causes such as the search for missing children.


Ströer works continuously to improve its internal governance structures and processes in order to meet current technological, regulatory or social requirements. The functions relevant to this are bundled in a common system in the Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) department. We are actively shaping a more sustainable corporate culture. As part of our compliance system, the Code of Conduct is a binding code of conduct that clearly and specifically defines the Group-wide guidelines for cooperation. We transparently monitor compliance with the specified guidelines.

In the area of business and human rights, we continue to develop our instruments in line with the requirements of the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act.

Whistleblowing: Violations of our (Business Partner) Code of Conduct, national or international laws, and other compliance violations (including those related to the supply chain) can be reported at any time, also anonymously, via our central Compliance-Hotline here: Compliance-Hotline 

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