Out-of-Home advertising

Magic moments

Large-scale images work their magic anywhere – they fascinate on the way from the railway station to the kiosk, when you're heading for an ice cream parlour for a break from shopping, or during the daily commute.

This is Out-of-Home!

Your message is always displayed in the right place at the right time. Your target group simply can’t miss it. Out-of-home stays with you throughout the day. 24/7. Subconsciously. That's how the messages are internalised.


OOH is unobtrusive advertising. Memorable images. Messages that add interest to your everyday life.


Clearly displayed in all of the city's most important locations.

OOH works

Great images leave a great impression.

A stage for any idea

Out-of-home media are multifaceted. As multifaceted as your concepts. You can therefore utilise various formats of out-of-home in numerous different locations for your campaign.

Our media are...


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