Our Commitment to children

With its communication infrastructure, Ströer gives initiatives that support children and young people the attention they need. 

The future belongs to children and young people. Creating a more just and sustainable world with and for them must be a priority for all of us. That is why it is essential for us as a company to be committed to the well-being of our youngest generations. For many years, we have supported a wide range of initiatives that are committed to children and young people by offering them prospects. With our digital communication infrastructure, we give these initiatives the attention they need and reach countless people in different life situations. We are convinced that this form of strong, diverse cooperation does a lot of good. 

Straßenkinder e.V.

The organisation Straßenkinder e.V. is committed to helping children and young people living on the streets and paving their way back into society. With its drop-in centres in Berlin-Friedrichshain and outreach street social work, the organisation offers these young people a warm place to stay, provides them with necessities and supports them in developing new perspectives for their lives.

With the construction of the "BUTZE" street children's center in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the organization is creating a new contact point to help homeless children and young people quickly and unbureaucratically. The innovative concept of the street children's centre is intended to help reduce the drastic increase in youth homelessness in Berlin.

In addition to financial support, Ströer also provides advertising space. This enables the organisation to use high-reach campaigns to draw attention to the difficult situation of children and young people on the streets in order to generate further donations for the organisation's important work.

Partnership with UNICEF

UNICEF is committed to informing the public and other partners and stakeholders about children's rights in an eye-catching way and motivating the rights and well-being of children worldwide. For several years, Ströer has supported UNICEF's work in a variety of ways with outdoor and online advertising and via its content platforms. In 2021, this resulted in a strategic cooperation with the aim of informing the public and other partners and stakeholders about children's rights in an attention-grabbing way and motivating them to support UNICEF's programmes.

To this end, we provide UNICEF with reach and visibility in the public sphere for programmatic campaigns or to support acute emergency aid projects and calls for donations. Ströer supports UNICEF in its goal of raising awareness of the concerns and rights of children worldwide and in Germany, as well as raising public awareness of children's rights. The cooperation also focuses on the development and implementation of joint campaigns in favour of children's rights in Germany and, in particular, on publicising and anchoring children's rights in schools in Germany.

"We are proud to support UNICEF in its endeavours to provide a safe and healthy environment for children around the world. Together we want to help ensure that every child has the chance of a happy childhood."

Employee Advent calendar for a good cause

The Ströer Advent calendar is a Ströer tradition during the Christmas season. Employees can buy raffle tickets, the proceeds of which Ströer then donates to charitable organisations and institutions. Here, too, the focus is on initiatives that support children and young people - be it through illness, external circumstances or other emergency situations. As a company, we therefore make an important contribution to the worthy work of these organisations every year. The feedback from the recipients every year shows how much this help is appreciated.

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