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Our media and street furniture can do more than just advertise. Join us in becoming an integral part of the cityscape and promote information, dialogue and culture in your city.

Innovative street furniture & smart services

Function with design and service: Our aim is to integrate street furniture and media stylishly and discreetly into the urban environment while helping to design modern public spaces by providing services and infrastructure. This includes the construction and management of customary street furniture such as bus shelters and toilet facilities, but also the provision of digital media and the option of displaying municipal information on them. Our portfolio also includes installations individually tailored to a city’s needs as well as the removal of unauthorised posters.

Sustainability is important to us throughout our entire product and service portfolio. Our digital advertising media are already powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. Our management processes also undergo a continuous optimisation process in order to conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Smart City & Digitalisation

Thanks to the Internet, quick information and direct dialogue have become an ordinary part of our everyday lives. Digitalisation in the public space offers many interesting possibilities in this context.

Used as municipal information systems, digital media in public spaces facilitate the flow of information and dialogue between the city and its residents. Calls for citizen participation, event announcements to promote the cultural scene and support for local businesses contribute to a modern, open and solidarity-based community just as much as the possibility for ad-hoc warnings, real-time alerts about missing or wanted persons, and general safety notices. Placed along streets, in public transit areas, pedestrian zones, railway stations and shopping centres, a city can use the digital media in its “municipal information system” to reach its citizens in public spaces at any time.

Our “Kommunales Informationssystem für Städte “(KIS) [Municipal Information System for Cities] provides information for cities right on site. The content shown on our digital media is a varied mix, comprising editorial programmes such as news from our partner t-online or sustainability updates as well as infotainment in the form of weather reports or knowledge questions. Advertising is also included, primarily from local retailers.

Innovation for the European Football Championship 2024: Digital city information systems show the way to free parking spaces in real time!

For the first time and together with the Ministry of Transport and Mobility Turnaround of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH), Ströer is putting its communication infrastructure at the service of traffic management to avoid traffic jams around the stadium and fan zones in the city center.

News, warnings and socially relevant content have long been an integral part of our digital city information systems. Real-time information on free P+R spaces is new and the next innovative building block for smart city communication.

To enable our screens in Hamburg to guide drivers to the nearest city-owned Park+Ride (P+R) facilities at rapid transit stations, they were fed with real-time data. The P+R facilities were assigned to our digital facilities via the routing of the FHH geoportal. The optimal P+R locations were determined through a spatial analysis and linked to the city information systems.

The nearest available parking space and the number of parking spaces still available there are always displayed. If the nearest parking area is already very full, the second nearest area is displayed - and so on. In addition to the P+R information, our screens also indicate the local public transport services for EURO 2024 - as well as the available bicycle parking spaces and the StadtRad offer.

Sustainable solutions

Together with external partners, we are developing sustainable space-saving solutions that can be integrated into or onto our advertising media and street furniture. These include air filters, energy-saving e-ink timetable displays, solar panels, sensor technology to measure air quality, and the greening of roofs and surfaces.

The result is street furniture and outdoor advertising media that make an active contribution to the continued development of the smart city model – communicative, digital and sustainable.

Green bus shelter in Bonn
Solar panel on bus shelter roof
E-ink display case for timetables

How it works – Roof greening in fast motion

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