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t-online expands its team of editors-in-chief

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Antje von Winterfeld, Sven Böll and Lukas Martin appointed as members

t-online is expanding its editorial management and appointing Antje von Winterfeld, Sven Böll and Lukas Martin as members of the editors-in-chief. Each of them will lead a strategic editorial department and represent it on the team of editors-in-chief.

“I am delighted that we have been able to attract three such experienced and excellent leaders from our editorial team to the editors-in-chief,” says Editor-in-Chief Florian Harms. “t-online has developed very well in terms of journalism and business since it was rebuilt in Berlin six years ago. With the expanded team of editors-in-chief, we are going to successfully develop the strategic areas of news, exclusives, guides and traffic management to establish t-online as the leading digital media brand nationwide and regionally.”

In addition to Florian Harms, the editors-in-chief team also includes the deputy editor-in-chief and head of the regional editorial office, Florian Wichert, the deputy editor-in-chief Peter Schink and the office manager of the editors-in-chief, Michaela Fischer.

Antje von Winterfeld is head of the guidebook departments and editorial sales. As a graduate in business administration, she has been working in the media sector for 20 years. She has a wide range of leadership experience from her work at Axel Springer, Nokia and Amazon. Most recently, she successfully built up the content commerce division for t-online.

Sven Böll is Managing Editor and Head of the Capital Bureau. Previously, he was head of the capital office of WirtschaftsWoche and worked for Spiegel-Verlag for more than ten years. After studying economics and politics, he attended the German School of Journalism.

Lukas Martin is the department head of the editors-in-chief, as well as for traffic and audiovisuals. He has worked as a journalist for 30 years, more than 20 of them in the online sector. He has experience in local issues, travel journalism and TV. At t-online, he started in the politics department and, from 2017, helped to establish the editorial department in Berlin as chief of staff from the very beginning.

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