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Press release

Ströer presents future-proof targeting for digital OOH campaigns

Innovation with Deutsche Telekom for behavioural audience targeting in public spaces

With the innovative combination of socio-demographic data (age & gender) with behavioural data, Ströer is now targeting outdoor advertising campaigns even more effectively: A new, future-proof targeting model for digital outdoor advertising was developed on the basis of a feasibility study. It will now be tested for the first time with selected customers within the next six months. Information on the personal interests of the target groups is provided by OS Data Solutions (OSDS), for example. They complement the previous database on age and gender, which is made available via anonymised swarm data from Deutsche Telekom.

In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Ströer has now developed a more advanced and future-proof targeting model for digital outdoor advertising that intelligently combines both data sources and enables more efficient targeting in public spaces. This means that, via the Ströer Public Video network (DOOH), spots can be shown precisely at the TIME and PLACE that an above-average number of people from the target audience are in the vicinity, for example people interested in the topics of family, sport or tech. 

“With the new targeting model, we have succeeded in projecting diverse target group segments – such as sports, family and technology – into the public space. With this innovation, it is possible for the first time to address groups based on their interests in the public space,” says Abdelkader Barjiji, Senior Vice President Product Management Programmatic & Data at Ströer Media Solutions. “We continue to increase the flexibility of digital outdoor advertising so that it can be booked in the same individual, customised and targeted way as it is already possible for our customers in online advertising.”

Based on the identical target group data, campaigns can be optimised (D)OOH and online/mobile. It is important to know that the developed solution works without passing on cookies or mobile advertising IDs.The segment information comes from OS Data Solutions – further data partnerships are possible.

Digital outdoor advertising, which at Ströer includes the Public Video product family, is gaining importance in the media mix and has now become a benchmark in terms of flexibility – freely scalable, data-based and also fully programmatic. With the public video offer, the technical delivery systems and the existing data pool (OSDS), Ströer is able to meet the requirements of the customers both swiftly and comprehensively. Furthermore, programmatic connectivity opens up many more possibilities for reaching target groups, for example, advertisers can creatively adapt their ad motifs in real time and individualise them to a certain degree.



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