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Press release

1,000th digital screen roadside: Ströer continues to expand its public video network

Milestone reached as screen goes live in Düsseldorf

Ströer is driving the ongoing digitalization of out-of-home advertising in Germany and expanding its public video network. The Company has launched its 1,000th digital screen roadside at the busy Prinz-Georg-Strasse/Vagedestrasse crossroads in central Düsseldorf, thereby reaching the installation target that it had set itself for this year. The 10m² screen is one of the 15 or so new digital installations that have appeared in the city so far.

At present, Ströer markets approximately 6,000 premium digital screens – both indoor and outdoor – that are located on roads, in shopping malls, in subway stations, and at train stations and other public transportation hubs in 170 German cities. The public video network provided by Ströer combines maximum flexibility with the reach of a mass medium and the speed of an online booking. Ströer offers its customers public video screens at the touchpoints with the greatest reach, and the selection of screens is scalable to their requirements. The screens can be deployed as a package in order to boost reach or in a targeted manner to ensure that the message is delivered to its intended audience. Customers advertising nationally, regionally, or locally can run their campaigns at their chosen time using a data-driven, dynamic, and programmatic approach and, if they wish, they can define specific requirements for individual screens. So far this year, around 45% of the campaigns have been booked programmatically using DSPs and trading desks.

On all screens, advertising content is supplemented with editorial content from the Group’s own news portals, including t-online and watson. t-online is utilizing these synergies to the full and, in addition to Germany-wide news, has launched local news sites containing regional content that can be broadcast in specific towns or cities. All digital screens in the public video network are powered solely by electricity from renewable energy sources.

“Digital out-of-home advertising has now become the benchmark for flexibility because it offers extremely short lead times, can be scaled to requirements, and is data driven and fully programmatic. The use of digital technologies enables us to combine the reach of Germany’s last truly mass medium with the flexibility and speed of digital channels. Strong demand from customers is another major reason why we will continue to forge ahead with the digitalization strategy for out-of-home advertising that we began many years ago,” says Christian Schmalzl, Co-CEO of Ströer.

The Company is steadily expanding and updating its offering across all digital categories in the public sphere. In 2021, Ströer installed and began to market around 750 new digital screens on roads and in pedestrian areas and indoor settings. It has also set up a large-format LED board network in cities for advertisers. Approximately 50 of these giant public video screens are now being marketed. Locations include the shopping mall (“Hamburger Meile) in Hamburg, Berliner Allee in Dusseldorf, Stachus and Innsbrucker Ring in Munich. Ströer is also providing around 70,000 smaller-format advertising spaces in the long-tail and POS marketing segment.




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