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Press release

Ströer offers extended contextual targeting as an alternative to third-party cookies

Individual keyword targeting in collaboration with OS Data Solutions

Ströer customers now have the option to access extended contextual targeting. In addition to the previously available contextual targeting on the IAB categories, more than 500 keyword-based segments are available at the start, and create individual targeting options for the roll-out of campaigns.

Against the background that browsers such as Firefox and Safari do not permit third-party cookies, Ströer has been working on developing alternatives for some time. Ströer has the capacity to analyse the content of around 4,000 currently marketed websites and carry out a contextual evaluation and classification. A proprietary content detection technology automatically scans every single article that appears on the websites so that each page can be assigned to a topic and the relevant keywords in just a few moments. By focusing on the German market, Ströer is able to adapt the technology to the German language and portfolio to ensure the best possible targeting quality. Targeting by keyword can be extended at the customer's request - via real-time integration, it works browser-independently without cookies or IDs and without user-related data.

Together with OS Data Solutions, Ströer has developed context-based targeting, which is available via the Ströer SSP Private Marketplace and for IO campaigns. With this technology, Ströer is already positioned to offer cookieless interest-based targeting on the entire digital inventory.

There is an obvious benefit: users are concerned with a topic, and see advertising about the same subject at the same time. For example, if you are on a cooking page, advertisements for cooking utensils are displayed. The focus is thus on the context, thereby targeting higher click and conversion rates.

“40 per cent of the stock on German websites currently lacks a third-party identifier. We are countering the elimination of third-party cookies through both our own initiatives and market solutions, and are well prepared for a post-cookie era,” says Abdelkader Barjiji, Senior Vice President Product Management Programmatic & Data of Ströer Media Solutions. “In addition to alternative IDs, we are already successfully using alternative targeting technologies such as contextual targeting and real-time targeting, and thus already in the midst of the post-cookie phase”

Ströer combines advanced contextual targeting with first-party technologies and alternative identifiers. Ströer uses first-party identifiers to make the context data obtained available in a domain-specific user profile across all contexts. Through the use of alternative ID systems, Ströer is able to link the obtained first-party profiles across websites and offer customers context-based user targeting across websites.

Moving forward, the marketer will continue to work in parallel on targeting products based on cookie-based, contextual and LoginID technologies, and deploy these as combined targeting products - or Ströer Full Reach Targeting. This will allow customers to seamlessly transition from cookie-based technologies to cookie-free targeting - whether this year, next year or the year after.





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