Directly on the train

Station media

Railway stations. There is hardly another place where so many people can be reached at the same time. The daily commute to work or university, a long-awaited holiday trip or a family weekend break: At railway stations, people are in the perfect mood for your message.

They are hubs!

Railway stations are modern urban service centres. They are open 24/7. As gateways to cities, they are centrally. A perfect communication environment for young target groups that are always on the move.

Highest visitor density
in the city area

the clock

Railway station advertising works

Brands are experienced at railway stations

More than just a railway station


Railway station media - varied and flexible

Our media types are as varied as the people who visit railway stations: They range from A1 posters and floor films to striking large-scale banners that measure 360 square metres or customised forms. Our comprehensive portfolio offers the right solution for all your communication goals.

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