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Press release

Ströer and UNICEF – united for children’s rights

UNICEF Germany and Ströer are joining forces to promote children’s rights and sustainable development. The UNICEF German National Committee and Ströer, one of the leading German companies in out-of-home advertising and digital communication, have expanded their long-standing partnership and agreed to form a strategic alliance.

“As part of its sustainability strategy, Ströer wants to work side by side with UNICEF to fight for a fairer future and better opportunities for children in Germany and around the world. After all, one of the first steps of sustainable development is for everyone to help ensure that children’s rights are upheld,” said Dr. Christian Baier, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ströer. “In UNICEF, we have found a strong, professional partner that has the necessary experience and enjoys broad public trust. Together, we want to further increase public awareness of these topics. More examples of how Ströer is pursuing sustainability in practice are provided in the latest progress report.”

The objective of the partnership, which has initially been agreed for a three-year period, is to inform the public and other partners and stakeholders about children’s rights and to encourage them to support UNICEF’s programs. Ströer will supply out-of-home advertising, digital forms of advertising, and editorial content in online media free of charge in order to enhance the reach and public profile of the endeavor and to help UNICEF communicate its topics and campaigns. In crisis situations where emergency aid is required, Ströer will appeal to its partners, customers, and the general public to donate to UNICEF’s emergency aid programs. The partnership will focus on developing and delivering joint campaigns to promote children’s rights in Germany. This includes, in particular, publicizing and anchoring children’s rights in German schools under UNICEF’s Kinderrechteschulen (‘children’s rights schools’) program.

“The partnership with Ströer enables us to reach even more people, increase their awareness of the rights and living conditions of children around the world and in Germany, and to motivate them to support children’s rights,” said Christian Schneider, Executive Director of UNICEF Germany, when the partnership was announced. “In light of the enormous global challenges we are facing right now, children need strong partners and champions more than ever. Thanks to this partnership, their needs and interests will receive even more attention.”

Today, Ströer published its 2020 progress report, which outlines the main elements of the Company’s sustainability strategy and pertinent developments in the reporting year. The 2030 sustainability strategy, which was presented in 2020, focuses on three central themes: efficiency, innovation, and responsibility. The latest progress report describes examples and projects in the areas of environmental protection and climate change mitigation, social initiatives, and corporate governance aspects relating to Ströer’s sustainability approach.