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Press release

Statista continues growth course

Statista sees a 42 per cent increase in turnover in the first year in the first half of 2022 / Profit (EBITDA adj.) increases disproportionately / Strong international business

Statista, the global leading Business Data as a Service Platform, is once more reporting great success in a challenging macroeconomic environment. With growth of 42 per cent, the subsidiary of the Ströer Group was able to increase revenue to around EUR 68 million in the first six months of the 2022 financial year (H1 2021: EUR 48 million).

EBITDA (adjusted) in the first half of 2022 was EUR 5.1 million (H1 2021: EUR 1.4 million) and thus improved disproportionately compared to the same period of the previous year, despite the strong increase in turnover. The EBITDA margin (adjusted) developed positively to 7.6 per cent (H1 2021: 2.9 per cent) correspondingly.

This development is clear evidence of the consistent implementation of Statista's capital-efficient, global growth strategy.

The US business in particular made a positive contribution to this strong development in the first half of 2022. Statista was able to increase the share of sales to customers from the USA to 36 per cent of total sales. The internationalization of the business model continues in other regions, and Statista serves customers from almost every country in the world. In addition, the company is now represented in 13 countries with their own offices.

With “Data as a Service (DaaS)”, Statista is creating a new and forward-looking category within the Ströer Portfolio. The sales and revenues come from a subscription model, which ties customers into the platform – with very low customer churn.

Since its acquisition by Ströer, Statista has reported average annual growth of 39 per cent. Global demand for data analysis continues to grow. In addition, new business lines have been created to complement the existing offering. At the heart of all offerings are Data and statistics. From research services and consulting to primary studies, infographics, content marketing and further to completely newly created databases for non-listed companies, Statista has developed in all directions. With around 300 million visitors per year, Statista's website has a very high frequency for a B2B platform.

“Statista's Data as a Service model has caught on and already proved unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, exceeding expectations with record sales in recent months”, says Dr. Friedrich Schwandt, CEO of Statista. “Statista is responding to an increasing demand for data by expanding its sales and steadily extending its product portfolio. We expect Statista to grow by 20 to 30 per cent annually in the medium term, and anticipate a sales performance of around EUR 250 million by 2025.”


About Statista

"Empowering People with Data" is Statista's vision. Founded in Germany in 2007, Statista employs around 1,100 people on four continents. The company is a leading provider of market, competitive, consumer and business data. The "Data as a Service" business model is unique in this form, and there are no direct competitors in the market.




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