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Small footprint, big impact: Ströer presents sustainable communication solutions at GREENTECH FESTIVAL

Discussion panels on reducing and avoiding carbon dioxide in the media industry / Talks with NGO representatives on digital and sustainable forms of dialogue in urban communication / Presentation of sustainable infrastructure solutions for public spaces

From 14 to 16 June 2023, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL will take place on the grounds of the former capital city airport Tegel. Ströer has been a partner of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL for many years and will exhibit its sustainable OOH infrastructure solutions. On 15 and 16 June, various panels and talks will be held at the Ströer booth, which will provide a deep dive into the following topics:

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Future or Present?

Hermann Meyersick from Ströer talks to Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Germany, Dr Christine Wilcken, Councillor for Environment and Economy, Fire and Disaster Protection at the German Association of Cities and Towns of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Nils Detje, Director Global Corporate Social Responsibility at MANN+HUMMEL, about the ongoing development and implementation of the sustainability goals in the municipalities.

Requirements for sustainable communication in the media industry

Richard Offermann, SVP Direct Client Sales at Ströer Media Solutions, talks with Stephanie Helen Scheller, Head of Sustainable Solutions at Omnicom Media Group, Catharina Enderlein, Founder of meet MOMENTUM, SINNFLUT, ELSCP and Head of Media Creation at Ströer, and Laura Burmeister, Head of Solutions Studio at Ströer, about “Green Media” and the demands on media genres, companies and agencies. In addition to the usual performance KPIs, the sustainability KPI is becoming an increasingly important factor for advertising clients.

Green Voice Talks

Catharina Enderlein, Head of Media Creation at Ströer, talks to Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Germany, and representatives of NGOs such as everwave, BUND and Fridays for Future Düsseldorf about Ströer’s sustainability channel. Ströer has already been raising awareness about sustainable issues and positive solutions for everyone in the public sphere, and thus the German population, for two years using new content formats on the high-reach digital media carriers.

On Thursday, 15 June 2023, at 1:15 p.m., the Berlin State Ballet will also make a guest appearance at the Ströer booth together with artists from Ukraine, including the Ukrainian State Ballet soloist Iana Salenko. They will be presenting a choreography created for the occasion: through dance, the importance of strong connections for a sustainable future will be expressed and the interplay of culture with digital communication will be redefined.   

At 2 p.m. Richard Offermann, SVP Direct Client Sales at Ströer Media Solutions, will discuss sustainable marketing with representatives from Meta, OMG Momentum and REWE on the official MAIN STAGE of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL: Time to talk about the real costs of advertising.

“We would like to use the GREENTECH FESTIVAL to show what more sustainable and low-emission communication can look like and what solutions we can use to support our municipal partners in resilient, environmentally friendly urban development. All of us – meaning the entire media industry – must take responsibility for our own ecological footprint and do our part to reduce and avoid carbon dioxide. I think it is important that the entire industry addresses the issue of sustainability, both at the product level and at the company level. When assessing their campaign goals, communication managers not only pay attention to the traditional performance parameters such as reach, target group, etc., but also to a lower carbon footprint of the campaign than before. This momentum will gradually increase in the industry – it is important that the entire media industry addresses this issue,” says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH. “Also, we want to address the social aspect of sustainable action. With the digital, urban information infrastructures, we have a variety of possibilities to support the changes in society and the economy transparently. Through various partnerships and strong collaborations – including in arts and culture – we have been committed for a long time to making sustainable issues and positive solutions visible and tangible for everyone in our local, urban living environments.”

For Ströer, the partnership and the associated media support of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL are an expression of the conviction that sustainability and business success are mutually dependent. Ströer has already been working successfully for many years on increasing efficiency and saving energy in the area of digital media. The company’s objective is to run its business as efficiently and therefore as resource-efficiently as possible. The goal is to be completely climate neutral by 2025.

With its portfolio of premium assets and best-in-class carbon footprint products, Ströer has become one of the most sustainable national media marketers, especially through the expansion of its digital portfolio. The expansion of its digital communications infrastructure in particular goes hand in hand with Ströer’s sustainability strategy. For example, Ströer follows the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to achieve Net-Zero.

DOOH improves carbon footprint for advertisers

Ströer's communication products, such as its digital outdoor advertising products, are among the best-in-class footprint products in the advertising market. Their use can support advertising customers in achieving improved emissions targets as part of their media strategy. In addition to traditional campaign performance indicators such as reach and CPM (cost per mille), advertisers’ carbon footprint is already becoming increasingly important to them. Specifically, a higher weighting of OOH and especially digital OOH translates into an improvement in the carbon footprint of advertiser’s campaign.

Outdoor advertising has by far the lowest carbon footprint of all advertising types

Digital OOH is by far one of the most energy-efficient and resource-friendly medium - with 5 grams of CO2 (green power) per 1,000 impressions generated, while other classic advertising media produce a carbon footprint of up to 10,000 grams per 1,000 advertising impressions.

Apart from the topic of energy efficiency, Ströer is also addressing other issues with regard to classic OOH media. In recent months, the company has implemented so-called green bus shelters and pillars in numerous cities in Germany. Green means that sedum plants are planted on the bus shelter roof. In the design of its media carriers, Ströer ensures that only a few different materials are used.

Ströer’s fourth sustainability report provides an overview of the company’s sustainability strategy. The report highlights developments, progress and areas of focus and has been drafted in accordance with the internationally recognised standards of the Global Reporting Initiative. You can find the report and read more about sustainability at Ströer at www.stroeer.de/nachhaltigkeit and on the Ströer Blog.




The festival consists of different elements: The GREEN AWARDS on June 14 will be followed by the CONFERENCE and the EXHIBITION on June 15 and 16. Together with guests, partners, exhibitors and speakers, the initiators of the festival, including Formula 1 world champion and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg, will focus on the process of change towards a conscious and sustainable future under the motto “Mission to Net Zero”. Alongside prominent figures from politics, society and business, over 15,000 visitors, more than 190 exhibitors and around 120 speakers are expected to bring the concept of a climate-neutral future to life.

Find out more about the GREENTECH FESTIVAL here: https://greentechfestival.com/








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