One partner for all channels

Ströer SSP

We offer advertisers and website owners a transparent and wide-reaching marketplace for digital advertising space (display, video and mobile).

Our supply-side platform

With our Ströer SSP supply-side platform, publishers can optimise their yield management for display, video and mobile advertising using private deals and private auctions as well as real-time advertising. Advertisers get access to exclusive premium inventory.

Our benefits for publishers

  • One platform
  • Bundled demand from well-known direct customers, agencies and demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Numerous cross-industry advertising campaigns for international brands
  • Additional demand through real-time advertising (RTA)
  • One partner for all channels
  • One account for all advertising formats
  • Numerous special advertising formats in the display, video and mobile arena
  • High utilisation of your advertising space
  • Auction with the award given to the highest bidder
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Individual minimum prices for all slots 
  • White or blacklisting 
  • Automated and manual campaign quality assurance
  • Individual rule sets for SSP users 
  • Targeted campaign management

Quality, brand safety and ad fraud

At Ströer SSP, we pay close attention to the brand safety and quality of our portfolio, optimise its visibility and take tough action against any kind of fraud. Rely on your ads being displayed to real people. With Ströer SSP, you can reach millions of consumers on any conceivable device without wasting money on bots or non-human traffic.

Our proprietary traffic filter monitors and filters millions of ad requests to ensure the quality of the inventory offered. In addition, Ströer SSP works with well-known service providers to reduce fraud (ad fraud) to a minimum and to protect the brand image of advertisers (brand safety).

Not only publishers exclusively marketed by the Ströer Digital Group, but all inventories (display, video, mobile) are supported and developed in the long term. This way your campaign reaches users on high-quality web pages with minimal ad clutter and high visibility rates.

Data protection

Your security is important to us

Information on data protection for visitors to digital services provided by customers of Ströer SSP GmbH (so-called publishers)

More about data protection


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