E5C970DF-8D3C-4D9C-94D2-D346C03B48D3 09. September 2013

Press release

Ströer launches wide-coverage, multi-screen moving-image marketing with Ströer Primetime

At dmexco, Ströer is launching an exclusive new marketer: Ströer Primetime. The new marketer unites moving-image advertising on private screens (smartphones and tablets), home screens (PC), and public screens (DOOH displays) within the Ströer Digital Group. With this so-called multi-screen scenario, Ströer Primetime is a one-stop source, offering services from cross-media planning and booking to campaign monitoring.

“Ströer Primetime is another important building block in our digital strategy” explains Udo Müller, Chief Executive Officer of Ströer Media AG. “By combining our online reach with digital out-of-home media, we achieve increased coverage growth for our customers and we are in the position to compensate insufficient online net-reach in the video segment.”

Andreas Heintze is the Managing Director of Ströer Primetime: “With our product range and our reach, we are going to raise the bar for moving-image marketing in Germany to a whole new level. Our product unites online targeting possibilities with the fast coverage expansion of DOOH in a unique way.”

Beiersdorf – representing Nivea Men – and SportScheck has been secured as a pilot customer. The SportScheck campaign is only being displayed on local screens in Munich/Germany. This is an initial test, which will show how the specific advantages of both media can be combined for location marketing over the medium term.

“In the medium term, we will be in the position to automatically optimize a moving-image campaign in a way that allows an advertisement to be displayed more frequently on DOOH screens in regions with higher viewing figures,” explains Andreas Heintze. “This enables us to also address regional advertising customers in the next phase."

For this purpose, Ströer is developing its own video ad server, which will serve as a real multi-screen planning and booking tool, enabling dynamic and regional management.

Ströer Primetime addresses content producers who desire independent marketing. As a result, Ströer Primetime is positioning itself as an alternative to all other marketers, such as classic media companies that are also content producers. In contrast, Ströer Primetime remains independent and impartial.

Ströer Primetime has successfully acquired music video station Tape.tv, celebrity portal Promiflash and Brainpool TV portal myspass.de as its first customers in the online marketing segment. The complete moving-image content of Ströer Digital Group, such as auto-motor-sport.de and freenet.de, will also be bundled in Ströer Primetime. In the area of online video advertising, Ströer Primetime offers advertising options on over 50 websites in the form of in-page and in-stream video advertising, and also as video interstitials. Online ads can also be displayed on selected topic channels.

Online services are already generating 50 million video views per week. Beyond this, there are 140 million views on info screens and 300 million views on the digital out-of-home channel. The cross-media combination creates a clear advantage, for advertisers as well as for publishers: The additional digital moving-image screens provide access to new target groups and increase overall reach, while offering simplified handling and a uniform reporting structure regarding both forms of media. Ströer Primetime achieves up to 500 million video ad impressions per week via online videos and the digital out-of-home channel. These figures make it one of the largest multi-screen marketers on the German advertising market right from the start.