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Ströer expands public video network in Düsseldorf Airport's world of experience and shopping

45 Airport Mall video screens available at Düsseldorf Airport from February 2018 / Expansion of the public video network nationwide to around 4,500 public video screens

Ströer and Düsseldorf Airport are expanding their premium range of digital outdoor advertising in the airport's world of experience and shopping. From February, advertisers at Düsseldorf Airport will have access to the new digital medium "Airport Mall Video". The Ströer Group's public video offering thus includes digital moving image networks in the largest German railway stations, in the largest German shopping centres and at the decision-maker location of Düsseldorf Airport.

Today, modern airports are no longer just traffic junctions and the start and end of a journey, but an ideal location for retail and gastronomy. At Düsseldorf Airport, passengers and visitors will find almost everything their hearts desire (e.g. fashion, accessories and souvenirs) in over 60 shops and over 40 bars and restaurants - seven days a week. 

A design for the Airport Mall video systems was developed especially for Düsseldorf Airport and its various surroundings that integrate harmoniously into its surroundings.

"With Airport Mall Video, we have reached the next stage in our digital advertising concept and are thus expanding the possibilities of Düsseldorf Airport's communication platform. At relevant touch points we offer advertisers a further screen network that ideally reaches our financially strong target group. We are pleased to take this step with Ströer and, in addition to the existing media DUS AD WALK and Airport Infoscreen, to continue our success story. With increasing passenger volume, 38 percent within the last ten years, and promising media solutions such as Airport Mall Video, Düsseldorf Airport is becoming increasingly relevant as an advertising location - both nationally and internationally," says Bettina Spönemann, acting head of media management at Düsseldorf Airport.

Airport Mall Video is aimed at a target group with high purchasing power: More than 64,400 passengers a day, or around 24 million annually, move around the international hub. This means around 1.4 million advertising contacts* per week (full occupancy, single frequency, with 10 seconds) for advertisers. This makes Düsseldorf Airport one of the five "top centers" ** in terms of contact performance within Ströer's public video network and therefore a true premium touchpoint. 

"We look forward to even closer cooperation with the third largest airport in Germany, Düsseldorf Airport. With the experience and shopping world of Düsseldorf Airport, we have opened up another premium location in POS proximity for our customers," says Alexander Stotz, CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH. "We are consistently expanding our public video network from a range perspective, always focusing on the quality of our locations. In addition to the ongoing expansion of Station Video's portfolio, the development of new cities for information screen systems and the installation of more than 180 digital city information systems, the expansion of the Mall Video network has also made progress last year, including the equipping of the currently largest shopping centre, the "Mall of Berlin".

The Airport Mall video programme consists of the well-known public video content - German weather and news - and is supplemented by European weather and content from Düsseldorf Airport. The programme is broadcast daily from 04.00 a.m. to 00.30 a.m. 

Booking commercials within the Airport Mall video program offers flexible options. The Airport Mall video network can be booked either as a single premium location or in combination with Mall Video, Station Video or Infoscreen. From local to nationwide campaigns with high advertising pressure, everything is possible. Booking options via Adform's technological platform will be available shortly.

Since the beginning of this year, a selection of the mall video locations has also been available for local customers in a permanent advertising booking. Ströer thus supports the shopping centres in their function as a local HotSpot and offers small and medium-sized companies the possibility of a flexible form of advertising for the local target group, especially in the service sector.


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