E5C970DF-8D3C-4D9C-94D2-D346C03B48D3 21. November 2011

Press release

Ströer digital introduces first showcase in Hamburg shopping centers

  • The Out-of-Home-Channel has been set up in Hamburg shopping centers
  • Network of motion pictures connects railway stations and shopping centers
  • Supplementing ECE flatmedia’s digital network

Two weeks ago, Ströer Group expanded its digital out-of-home advertising portfolio to the use in shopping centers. Three Hamburg-based centers are now showcasing Ströer’s Out-of-Home-Channel. Drawing on the same concept that has already been applied in railway stations, the upright 60‘‘ screens are positioned in locations where shoppers will most frequently pass by. The new Out-of-Home-Channels operate in perfect sync with the already existing flatscreens from ECE flatmedia, which has been a part of Ströer Group since November 2011. They create a special effect as customers are going past them, ensuring high-quality brand staging. The screens got priced with the red dot design award, an acknowledgement of exceptional design, and are suitable for airing commercials in full high definition as well as displaying news and cultural tips.

“The new screens are installed at eye level and will easily attract the attention of visitors to the centers due to their size, quality and visual appeal. Combining these screens with the flatscreens of ECE flatmedia, we are bringing a new dimension to addressing customers in shopping centers”, explained Oliver Poppelbaum, Managing Director Sales.

A total of 13 Out-of-Home-Channels with 24 screens have been set up in the three centers Alstertal Einkaufszentrum, Hamburger Meile and Elbe Einkaufszentrum and provide information and advertising directly at the POS. Nearly all of these Out-of-Home-Channels feature displays on both sides.

“We plan to extend our foothold in shopping centers to a similar extent as we did at railway stations. In Hamburg we are currently giving people an idea of how this may look like. This new solution offers our customers an even better opportunity to procure relevant digital coverage from a single source”, said Dirk Wiedenmann, member of the board of Ströer AG and responsible for the German business, in explaining the benefits.

The company is preparing a schedule to indicate when and where these Out-of-Home-Channels will be set up and to facilitate a booking plan. Installation of the Out-of-Home-Channels at shopping centers is set to start in 2012.