E5C970DF-8D3C-4D9C-94D2-D346C03B48D3 27. October 2014

Press release

Ströer completes transformation into a European corporation

The transformation of Ströer Media AG into a European corporation that the company announced last year is finally complete. The company, which is listed on the S-Dax, now operates under the name Ströer Media SE. The shareholders at this year’s Annual General Meeting approved the proposal of the Supervisory Board and Board of Management with a large majority, laying the foundations for the media marketer’s transformation into a SE.
The business activities of Ströer Media SE will continue to be governed by the Board of Management members Udo Müller, Christian Schmalzl and Dr. Bernd Metzner, which will also continue to be overseen by the Supervisory Board. Shareholder and employee rights will not be affected by the transformation. Ströer Media AG's shareholders will automatically become shareholders in Ströer Media SE; financial reporting will likewise not be affected. The company will continue to be headquartered in Cologne.

“The reasons for this step are the increasingly international focus of our company ‒ the move underscores our vision of a Group that is clearly centered on Europe,” explained Udo Müller, CEO of Ströer Media SE. “Ströer is now active in many European countries, both in OOH advertising and online marketing. A European corporation provides us with an internationally uniform image and aids the Group’s operations in Europe.”