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Press release

Online Advertising: Ströer Launches New High-Impact Formats

Toyota Germany Uses New Breakout Ad

The variety of creative forms of customised online advertising is vast. Ströer has now developed additional high-impact, custom formats that provide attention-grabbing stimuli for targeted customer communications. With the help of the new formats, advertising clients are given new, creative options for presenting product experiences and increasing engagement and interaction rates. Customers can choose from the multiscreen advertising formats “Breakout Ad”, “Top Scroller” and “Spotlight Video Ad”. Ströer’s new customised advertising formats specifically take into account the particularities of the various devices in order to accommodate mobile use in particular while still delivering high impact and making a strong impression on the target group.

With the launch of the new high-impact, custom formats, Ströer was able to win over the client Toyota Gemany and its agency The&Partnership Germany for a first-mover campaign of the multiscreen format “Breakout Ad”. During January and February, the car manufacturer is promoting its new model, the Toyota C-HR, in a highly visible fashion. The multiscreen campaign will be run on t-online and in the Ströer Premium Display Network via desktop and mobile devices.

The “Breakout Ad”, a new advertising medium in the Ströer Display Premium network, has achieved above-average results in terms of interaction and attention. The format responds to the user’s scrolling behaviour and pops out from the conventional advertising format frame on desktop. The 3D effect also grabs viewers’ attention, as it pops out on mobile devices and encourages users to interact. The technical implementation of the Toyota campaign was realised as a full service by Ströer in cooperation with the agency Cynapsis to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

“The new Toyota C-HR has undergone radical development and, with its new, bold design, is one of the most striking vehicles in the segment. For that reason, it was clear to us that we had to choose an equally creative and extraordinary communication approach. That’s why we also wanted to create an absolutely unusual format that befits both the car and our target group,” says Senol Kasapoglu, Head of Marketing Communication at Toyota Germany.

“With our products, we want to connect with and move people. Our strategy centres on the combination of extensive reach, high-quality and target group-oriented quality environments, as well as effective products. With a variety of high-impact formats, including the impressive Breakout Ad, Ströer offers advertisers the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the crowd and forge a strong bond with their target group. With our high-reach media, we can implement almost any creative idea to suit our customers’ individual needs,” says Björn Kaspring, Vice President Product Management at Ströer Digital Media GmbH.




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