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Press release

New Green Media location in Berlin: blowUP media launches the fifth Vertical Garden® in Germany

A new highlight from blowUP media's sustainability portfolio shines on a house facade in the western Berlin district of Spandau: "The Green Digital – West Side" – an approximately 81 square meter Vertical Garden® with an embedded DOOH screen. The evergreen, permanently installed vertical urban garden consists of 6,250 different plants, can compensate for up to 1.6 tons of CO₂* annually and also contributes to noise insulation in the busy street. The digital screen integrated into the Vertical Garden® offers state-of-the-art technology with high-resolution, daylight-compatible image quality. Emission-free green electricity is purchased for energy needs.

“As a provider of large-format outdoor advertising, we feel responsible for the design of urban spaces. We are committed to sustainability and offer our clients media platforms that also make a social and ecological contribution. With our innovative Green Media locations, we develop sustainable solutions, especially for cities: Vertical Gardens® improve air quality, compensate for CO2 and reduce the temperature. In addition, they create an attractive atmosphere in the middle of gray concrete landscapes,” says Katrin Robertson, CEO blowUP media Group.

The new Vertical Garden® is located on a Deutsche Telekom building on Klosterstrasse, which is highly frequented by around 124,000 vehicles every day. Opposite and therefore in direct line of sight are the 'Spandau Arcaden' and the Berlin-Spandau train station. With around 11 million visitors per year, the 'Spandau Arcaden' are one of the most visited shopping malls in the capital.

Telekom is the first advertiser to implement its magenta “gate alarm” campaign on the new 67 square meter digital screen and will regularly use the screen for sustainable messages. After the European Football Championship, the site can be booked as a green media platform by other advertising clients.

“For us as Deutsche Telekom, responsibility for the environment is a central concern. We have taken an important step with our switch to 100% green electricity. As a company, we are aware of our responsibility towards our planet and our 291 million customers have been surfing our green network since 2021. We are therefore happy to make the facade of our technology building available in order to realise green innovations such as the Vertical Garden® with integrated advertising space. Such green LED surfaces are an important step towards the goal of creating sustainable, effective advertising opportunities for brands,” says Michael Tölle, Head of Media & Analytics, Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

The Vertical Garden® was designed in collaboration with the real team.

Wolf Ströhlein from StroehleinConsult and founder of the real team: “We are very pleased that we were able to initiate and bring another sustainable DOOH project to life with this Vertical Garden®. There is still great potential for climate-active greening projects in many cities in Germany. Particularly through the conversion of existing advertising systems into more attractive, climate-active and sustainable digital spaces in terms of urban development."


*compiled by natureOffice