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Press release

Introducing Ströer OOH Mixed-Format Networks

Ströer makes cross-format networks available for booking like standard networks / Data analysis shows that mixed-format OOH campaigns boost recall and recognition values

Starting in 2024, for the first time Ströer will offer pre-packaged, mixed-format networks in metropolitan areas with more than 450,000 inhabitants. These networks contain a balanced mix of Mega-Light, City-Light-Poster (CLP) and Premium-CLP. This combination provides optimal advertising coverage for an entire city. Like standard networks, mixed-format networks are easy to book, stored in “ma Out of Home” and therefore quantifiable.

The new offer is based on a comprehensive data analysis conducted by Ströer together with Weischer.GeoConsult. The data analysis addressed the following key questions:

  • Does a mixed format work better than a mono format?
  • Is it best to use several different advertising media for an out-of-home (OOH) campaign?
  • Should an OOH campaign also take place in parallel to a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign?

The findings reveal that mixed-format campaigns have significantly better recall values and much-improved recognition values. Campaigns with more than five different OOH advertising media, on average, have 33 percent higher unaided advertising recall than campaigns that used only one advertising medium. Compared to a mono campaign, each percentage point of recall required, on average, only 60 percent of the budget. In addition, supplementing traditional OOH advertising formats with digital media carriers, such as DOOH, brings a significant boost to traditional mixed OOH campaigns.

“In other advertising categories, mixed-format campaigns are a standard practice. In outdoor advertising, many advertisers have continued to rely on mono formats, although mixed formats can lead to better campaign results. This has been confirmed by a new data analysis that we conducted together with Weischer.GeoConsult,” says Michael Noth, Co-CEO Ströer Media Solutions. “Based on these findings, we have created new, pre-packaged mixed-format networks for our customers. This makes booking mixed OOH campaigns for the market much easier and faster.”

The Weischer.GeoConsult dataset contains the results of campaign-related market research on more than 370 campaigns from the last 14 years, with more than 275,000 respondents. In order to reduce any potential effects of different media investments of the campaigns contained in the dataset, the budget was used as a control variable. Accordingly, 120 campaigns with a similar media investment were considered for the meta-analysis.

By consistently using our own studies on advertising effectiveness and solid datasets, we have access to a broad foundation of benchmarks. They provide meaningful insights within the project and allow us to better understand the impact of mixed-format (D)OOH campaigns. This enables us to significantly contribute to the decision-making basis of the product strategy, explains Simon Kloos, Managing Director of Weischer.GeoConsult.


About Weischer.GeoConsult

With its Geo Solutions, Research, Data & Engineering divisions and a unique data portfolio, Weischer.GeoConsult helps companies make better-informed decisions and tap into media, marketing and sales potential. The Hamburg-based company is the Weischer Group's central unit for data-based solutions. Weischer is one of the leading media providers for cinema, outdoor and online advertising in the entire DACH region. The company was founded over 60 years ago and today has offices in Cologne, Munich, Zurich and Vienna.

Further information at www.weischer.net





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