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Press release

Largest digital media brand: Official launch of t-online.de in Berlin

Ströer to open new t-online.de editorial offices in Torstraße, Berlin, following the company’s move from its former headquarters in Darmstadt / Integrated and multimedia storytelling: t-online.de realizes multiscreen- multi-touchpoint concept / Focus on media and political capital Berlin for all publishing activities

Ströer and Berlin mayor Michael Müller today officially opened the new newsroom of Germany’s largest online portal, t-online.de, in Torstraße, Berlin, following the company’s move from its former headquarters in Darmstadt to the German capital. This is the new home for the t-online.de editorial team led by Florian Harms, who is set to become t-online.de’s editor-in-chief in September, with a focus on cementing the core brand t-online across all channels and platforms and developing a leading voice in the publishing world. This development is the next step in the company’s successive realization of its vision of integrated, multimedia storytelling across all devices (desktop, mobile and tablets), channels (websites, apps and social media) and media (online and public video) that is tailored to current events, trends and user habits. By launching its unique multiscreen-multi-touchpoint concept, t-online.de will reach some 47 million users per month all over Germany and become the largest digital media brand.

“We are delighted that Ströer has decided to focus its digital publishing activities on the media capital Berlin,” said Michael Müller, mayor of Berlin. “Ströer has established an important digital platform in Berlin over the past few years featuring a number of strong brands, and played a decisive role in establishing the city’s reputation as a media capital.” 

“Moving to Berlin is an important step for the company, but also for me personally,” says Udo Müller, founder and Co-CEO of Ströer. “I founded our company in Pacelliallee, Berlin, three decades ago and have always had close links to the capital. As one of Germany’s biggest media companies and also one of the largest digital publishers, for Ströer it is only logical to bring Germany’s largest online portal to Berlin, a hub for the digital world. At the heart of the capital, we are also close to Germany’s political scene. Thanks to the combination of huge coverage, the best digital talent and our immense media power, we will be able to shape the digital media industry with pioneering publishing concepts.”

The editorial team will dictate the pace of innovation here and establish and systematically develop interactive projects and exclusive content. Another focal point will be the establishment of an in-house brand reach department, in which a special SEO, social media, public video and voice control team will enhance the focus on high-reach channels. As part of the move to the new newsroom in Berlin, the editorial office also created a new position: voice editor. Together with the editorial management, the voice editor will promote a voice strategy for platforms such as Amazon Echo or Google Home and develop various content formats for voice products. 

Besides t-online.de, Ströer Media Brands is the second major pillar of Ströer’s Berlin publishing hub. Special interest portals such as giga.de, kino.de and erdbeerlounge.de have become prominent stakeholders in their different sectors and are already a strong component of the Berlin media scene



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