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Press release

GfK reach study: t-online.de reaches some 47 million users per month across Germany

With the launch of the unique multiscreen-multi-touchpoint concept, t-online.de can now reach some 47 million users per month all over Germany. This is the result of the latest GfK reach study commissioned by Ströer. This makes t-online.de the largest digital media brand.

“The editorial team at t-online.de provides editorial content across the Ströer public video network,” says Arne Henkes, Director of Content at the Ströer Content Group. “This gives us access to a high-performance, high-reach channel. We are making our unique multiscreen, multi-touchpoint concept a reality, offering integrated and multimedia storytelling across all devices, channels and media formats. In parallel, we are also increasing direct traffic and increasing the visibility of the brand.”

Content provided by t-online.de reaches some 80% of the German Onliner through multiscreen-multi-touchpoints, according to the GfK study. For the target groups of 14- to 29-year olds and 30- to 49-year olds, this figure rises to 87% and 81% respectively. In the 50+ target group, content reaches 76% of the population. Not only is age distribution evenly balanced, gender and income distribution is too, allowing content to be targeted at a wide range of relevant target groups. Content reaches 82% of the male population and 79% of women. Reach among households in the EUR 2,000 to EUR 3,000 income bracket is 83%, whereas 85% of households with an income over EUR 3,000 are reached.

Mobile internet access on smartphones is used by over 80% of contacts across all forms of advertising, which underlines the high level of multiscreen usage, particularly in relation to public video screens.

Media performance figures are available for public video offerings (consisting of station video, mall video and infoscreens at long-distance railway and subway stations, airports and shopping malls) and for t-online.de (available on request). The study determined overlapping reach in the sense of unique users of digital out-of-home offerings through public and of the t-online online portal.

About t-online.de
Reaching over 47 million users per month according to the GfK reach study in May 2017, t-online.de is a market-leading news portal. The launch of the unique multiscreen, multi-touchpoint concept allows t-online.de to reach users through desktops, smartphones, tablets, social media and public video all over Germany and is part of the company’s “Publishing 3.0” vision of integrated and multimedia storytelling across all devices (desktop, mobile and tablets), channels (websites, apps and social media) and media (online and public video) that is tailored to current events, trends and constantly changing user habits.

t-online.de is part of the Ströer Group, one of Germany’s leading media companies and one of the largest listed family-run companies in the country. The Ströer Group employs some 4,600 people across more than 70 different sites. In fiscal year 2016, Ströer generated sales of EUR 1.12 billion. Ströer SE & Co. KGaA is listed on Deutsche Börse’s MDAX stock exchange. The company has a strong digital orientation in the rapidly growing segments of the online, mobile and out-of-home media market.

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