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Press release

blowUP media acquires German market leader in large-format advertising on German autobahns

blowUP media GmbH has acquired B.A.B. MaxiPoster Werbetürme GmbH. The company specializes in large-format advertising on German autobahns (expressways), and is the market leader in the segment. With its high-visibility towers located near autobahns, which are free from advertising, the company generates more than 70 million contact opportunities per month in the target group of working-age drivers. The MaxiPoster network currently comprises twelve towers along Germany’s most frequented autobahns. The construction of another advertising tower is planned for the first half of 2016. The objective is to establish a significantly larger, nationwide tower network in Germany, and to add new towers on an ongoing basis. Markus Stahmer, Managing Director at blowUP media GmbH in Germany, will manage the operations.

blowUP media anticipates synergies for its own giant poster business in Germany thanks to the acquisition, and is strengthening the foundation for the company’s own development with the long-term MaxiPoster locations and the “autobahn” touchpoint. One focus will be on expanding blowUP media’s national and international agency business through MaxiPoster’s business model, which is based on regional direct customers. 

“Through a unique form of giant poster advertising along autobahns, MaxiPoster has carved itself a media niche in Germany’s outdoor advertising market that is already firmly established in other European countries. The company offers attractive development opportunities for the further expansion of our existing successful giant poster business. Our objective is to ensure that advertisers put an even greater emphasis on large-format outdoor advertising, and to further expand autobahn advertising as a medium,” says Katrin A. Robertson, CEO of blowUP media Group. 

About blowUP media

blowUP media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of Europe’s largest OOH media and online advertising businesses, Ströer Group. With an annual turnover of €721m (in 2014), Ströer Group has offices in 70 locations globally and employs approx. 2,400 people. blowUP media is the Group’s premium large format Out-of-Home specialist, having delivered Giant Poster campaigns for over 20 years. With over 300 locations offering advertising that ranges in size from 100 to 17,000 square metres, blowUP media has the largest network of Giant Posters in Europe, along with digital screens in top city centre locations. As well as partnering major brands to deliver impactful advertising, blowUP media’s expertise in premium large-format sites enables it to assist building owners, including local authorities and heritage sites, wrap buildings creatively during renovation works. With winning projects such as VW’s interactive poster in Berlin or the Daft Punk campaign in London, along with iconic sites that dominate key locations throughout Europe, blowUP media sets the benchmark in large-scale advertising.

More information is available at www.blowup-media.de


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