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Press release

Asambeauty continues its strong growth trajectory and outperforms established market players

Make-up brand M. Asam® MAGIC FINISH doubles year-on-year sales in leading drugstores* / Skincare grows twice as fast as the overall facial care market in the drugstore sector* / Haircare brand ahuhu grows 10 times faster than the market, and doubles year-on-year sales in the drugstore sector* / Asambeauty ranked 8th in the NielsenIQ Brand Score

Asambeauty consistently outperformed the market in the second quarter of 2022: the decorative brand M. Asam® MAGIC FINISHdoubled sales at leading drugstores in the period from March to May compared to the previous year, earning it 8th place in the NielsenIQ Brand Score for the first time

The M. Asam Skincare division is growing twice as fast as the overall facial care market in the drugstore sector. According to data from NielsenIQ, the ahuhu brand (haircare) also successfully doubled year-on-year sales in the drugstore sector.

Asambeauty, part of the Ströer Group since 2016, thus once again demonstrates its strengths in today’s challenging environment. This is in part due to the company adopting innovative sales and communication channels, and it being perfectly positioned with its focus on digital business. Asambeauty is thus achieving strong growth even in challenging times of a sharp rise in inflation and restrained consumer spending in the cosmetics market as a whole.

Over recent years, Asambeauty has successfully increased its sales year after year by an average of 25 per cent. The online beauty platform is growing most significantly, which now accounts for half of total turnover. Since Ströer acquired a majority stake in the company in 2016, Asam’s turnover has more than tripled – with currently around 1.8 million customers and more than 33 million products sold annually (2021). Since 2021, the company has successfully been expanding internationally into France, Poland, China, and with selective activities in the USA.

*NielsenIQ, Drugstores Germany, comparative period March to May 21/22, Sales in €


About Asambeauty

Asambeauty is a globally active German company for effective premium cosmetics and has developed into a comprehensive beauty experience in recent years thanks to a multi-channel approach. The own brands M. Asam®, ahuhu organic hair care, YOUTHLIFT®, FLORA MARETM and Kräuterhof® offer a broad portfolio of products in the areas of face, body and hair care as well as make-up. The company's beauty expertise is also appreciated as a private label manufacturer. Today, asambeauty develops and produces over 1,000 articles "Made in Germany". Special attention is paid to the interaction of selected herbal and state-of-the-art high-tech active ingredients and their forms of application.





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