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Press release

adscale launches cross-media private marketplace

Inventory packages comprising video, mobile, and display / Share of private marketplaces in programmatic sales set to rise

Video formats are being added to the existing private marketplace in the adscale supply-side platform. This will enable publishers to put together cross-media packages comprising video, mobile, and display inventory to which selected advertisers then enjoy exclusive access. All in all, the share of programmatic sales accounted for by private marketplaces is set to rise further.

Automated multimedia campaigns

The integration of video formats is turning the existing private marketplace in the adscale supply-side platform (SSP) into a cross-media private marketplace. For publishers, this means that they can offer the inventory categories of video, mobile, and display via a central platform in private deals and private auctions, enabling them to compile packages specially geared to one or more advertisers that they select. Advertisers in turn benefit from exclusive access to the publisher inventory. Besides adscale’s own demand, all relevant demand-side platforms are also connected to the SSP, including DBM, Criteo, Appnexus, Bidswitch, Adform, TheTradeDesk, Xplosion, and mbr targeting. 

In the supply-side platform, publishers can set up deals and auctions themselves or with the assistance of their account manager by defining criteria like prices, volumes, first look, advertising formats, device type, socio-demographics, and user behaviour. “Just like in conventional sales, publisher and advertiser hold a direct contact in the private marketplace regarding possible terms and conditions. The difference is the efficiency of the technology and the huge data basis available to both parties,” as adscale CEO Markus Letzner explains. 

Rising revenues on private marketplace

Demand for private deals and auctions is rising constantly in Germany. Markus Letzner comments on the current market situation: “Private marketplaces are driving the German online market. This trend will be reinforced by cross-media offers, as both mobile and video RTB have now become established in Germany.” At present, private marketplaces already account for 45 percent of programmatic sales overall in the Ströer Group, where adscale acts as a supply-side platform. This was the conclusion of the “adscale Analyzer” study published this September.


adscale is the supply-side platform for Germany. As part of Ströer Group, a leading digital multi-channel media company, this company offers advertisers and website owners a transparent exchange for digital advertising space with an extensive reach (display, video, mobile). Using the adscale supply-side platform, publishers can optimise their yield management through private deals and private auctions. By leveraging cooperation agreements with prestigious AGOF-affiliated marketers and by collaborating with all major media agencies, direct customers, and third-party suppliers, adscale combines reach with quality. In addition, business partners of the company benefit from different optimisation technologies (programmatic buying, targeting, data management platform) and a fair price/performance ratio. The adscale portfolio reaches 73.1% of internet users in Germany and 40.3 million unique visitors (comScore, September 2015) with online display advertising. For more information visit www.adscale.de/en