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Warning messages in Pforzheim on digital city information systems

A total of 16 of the existing Ströer digital screens could already be digitised in Pforzheim and thus used for warning messages within a few minutes.

The last few months have shown again and again how important it is to inform the population quickly and comprehensively in the event of dangers such as severe weather. In an emergency, people can be protected and precautionary measures can be taken for different emergency situations. In Pforzheim, in addition to sirens and warning apps, the population is now also informed via the digital city information systems of Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH. A total of 16 of the existing digital screens could already be digitised in Pforzheim and thus used for warning messages within a few minutes. The digitisation of further installations is to follow.

In the pedestrian zone or at central traffic junctions, the Pforzheim fire brigade now has the option of actively broadcasting the three different warning levels through the satellite-based Modular Warning System (MoWaS) used jointly by the federal and state governments. "Urgent information or notices from the police, fire brigade and authorities should reach the population as quickly as possible and in a targeted manner - also, or above all, in public spaces. We are pleased that we have now been able to create the conditions for this in Pforzheim and that our digital screens are now a useful addition to the mix of warning media," said Alexander Stotz, CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH. All warning levels triggered by the integrated control centre for fire brigade, rescue service and disaster control can appear directly on the digital screens.

The company already completed the testing of a pilot project in September 2018. Since then, it has thus been possible to send official warnings in acute danger situations not only to broadcast radio and television stations as well as smartphones via the warning app NINA, but also on digital advertising screens such as those at the Pforzheim site.

"We are pushing ahead with digitalisation where it will bring improvements for the population and for us as an administration. Digital information and communication technology can help us to react quickly and efficiently to urban problems and to solve them," says Pforzheim's Lord Mayor Peter Boch, for whom the digital future of the city of Pforzheim is very important.

With the large digital screens, another information channel in the warning mix is now available to citizens, in addition to sirens, mobile loudspeakers of the fire brigade and warning messages on the radio.